Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dear Brianna

**A letter addressed to my younger self, from the future. 
To Brianna, age 9
From Brianna, age 19**

Dear Brianna, 

I know you are young and impressionable. I know you think these years may be the hardest of your life, but you are still pure, unscathed from the harshness that presents itself in the real world. You are young, but aware of your standing on every matter in the world. You are stubborn, which contrary to the belief of your friends, family, and teachers, is not a bad thing. Protect yourself and guard your stubborn ways, like I am confident that you will. 

You were born with a voice for a reason, don't be scared to use it. Speak up and let your voice be heard. Don't let the world silence you, the fight to tune you out, is a fight that will never cease. Fight back.

 You may choose to pretend like you have no fears, but I know that you do. You have many, and that to me is a beautiful thing. You must live in spite of these fears, and do what scares you the most. This is what initiates growth. Fear keeps you raw and vulnerable, fighting them makes you strong. You are a warrior in the making. Facing your fears is the only surefire way of not being afraid. 

So much time is spent focusing on what others think about you. Worrying about what others are doing, thinking, or saying is putting your life on hold, allowing others to live your life for you. As soon as you learn to let this go, your life begins. Take control of the reigns, and live life in whatever way makes you feel the most alive. Don't apologize for it, and make no attempt to validate your existence to anyone. What other people think of you is none of your business. Becoming preoccupied with these things will only create issues, that most of the time don't actually exist. Let it go.

Never seek validation from a man. When you live life unapologetically, the man of your dreams will come to you, and accept you the way you are. Don't conform, don't adapt, and don't settle, just be you. You are enough the way that you are right now. If the man doesn't acknowledge that, keep walking. 
Don’t look over your shoulder. 

Time is precious, but no matter how busy you think you are, always make time for your family. Call Nanny and Pop-Pop everyday and tell them about your day. They love to hear it. You are never too old to draw them pictures, or send them letters. No matter how old you are, they will always show off the pictures and letters you send them to their friends in the neighborhood and anybody who stops by for a visit. The smile on their face when they open a card addressed to them, from you, is something you will never forget. A phone that doesn't ring, is something you would only regret. They will not be here forever, but when they are gone one day, you are sure to miss them forever. Make the moments count while they are here. There is no turning back the clock. 

You are young, and you are stubborn. You say things you don't mean to the people you love, and you fight with your family. Let go of the notion that your family members are your enemies. They are the only ones that will still be on your team, even if you disqualify yourself from the game. 

Life is too important to be taken seriously. This is something you will learn as the years go on, and the world grows colder. You aren't here for that long, have fun with it, and dwell on nothing.

Be kind to yourself. The world is harsh, you don't have to be.

Dear Brianna, 

I wish you would listen to me. I wish I could save you the time. I wish I could save you the 
heartache of having to learn these lessons the hard way. They are so simple, really. If only you
 would open your eyes and see it. 

Dear Brianna, 

If only you weren’t so stubborn. 

Dear Brianna, 

You’ll learn someday, the truths that were beside you all along. I wish you would take the 
shortcuts I have provided you. 

Dear Brianna, 

Although I was urged to, I took no shortcuts. 

Dear Brianna, 

I learned the hard way, too. 

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