Friday, December 19, 2014

New Years are Weird

Some things never change as the years pass. One thing that is always funny to me is how people begin the New Year. Often times people make too many promises to themselves before going into January that they believe will lead them to a "better life." That's fine and dandy, and I do admire that. There's nothing wrong with striving to be better. But, you should do so everyday. Not just on Mondays, and not just on January 1. Why wait out the whole year to do something deserving for yourself, when you have a fresh start each morning?

In retrospect, it scares the hell out of me that another year has slipped through my fingers. I never even made a New Year's Resolution... I'm still thinking. Don't get the wrong idea, I won't make one this year, either. I've been turned off the idea since I've proven time and time again my addiction to diet soda is bigger than myself.

Resolutions can be fun. It presents you with a challenge, and sometimes the opportunity to work out an internal conflict. However, they are not for me, and never have been. Put simply, I am the biggest loser of resolutions. I simply can't keep them.

One year, I swore up and down, left to right, and on every grave in the state of New York that I would speak like a lady all year. No cursing. No exaggeration, five seconds after the ball dropped, I went to hug my mom and she spilled champagne all over my lap.

"What the fuck," I complained.

So much for that. Now that that's soiled I can just sail away with my sailor's mouth for 364 more days until I can try again.

If resolutions are your forte, power to you. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

1. Be realistic- stick with one goal to seriously work with throughout the year. "Get a promotion," "Gather the courage to finally ask for a raise." It is highly unlikely that you're going to "never eat Taco Bell as long as you live," "never drink another soda in your life," or "go to the gym three times a day, five days a week." (However, if this was your resolution, maybe wait until February when everyone who has this resolution cancels their membership. It'll be less crowded.)
2. Be fair to yourself- this is why I say pick one! It is easy for an unfulfilled goal to lead to disappointment, having ten may get messy. There can only be one Taylor Swift.
**3. If you're going to set any kind of resolution, don't start making a years worth of mistakes at midnight! The urban myth that "the new year resolution" kicks in as soon as you wake up is full of shit. Behave yourself. 

At the end of the year, I like to reflect on the year passed, and make some goals (not resolutions) for the future. My goals could be considered more of bucket list items that I hope to achieve within the year. The difference is a longer deadline, and it's not something I have to work on everyday.

A few promises for 2015...
-I will still drink enough diet soda to potentially harm my health 40 years down the road, but I'll worry about that if and when that time comes
-I will curse at my leisure. I'm a journalist, it will happen. A lot. Besides, I always wanted to be a sailor.
-I will not work out five days a week. If I go to the gym twice in a week, it's a miracle.
-I will still steal my sister's close every time the opportunity prevents itself (Sorry, Al.)
-I will still date losers, bad boys, and rednecks my mom won't approve of.

-Publish more articles
-Get a paid reporting internship for the summer
-Stay in Tampa for more than two weeks when I'm not in school (make a home base).
-Talk more when it's important, and less when it's not.

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