Monday, September 8, 2014


Today in creative writing, our prompt was to write about the negatives. Whether it be in a single person, or all of your pet peeves wrapped up into one horrendous person. I've never realized how fun, and how liberating it was to smother someone's flaws in ink, to serve as a constant reminder and warning to yourself for future reference.

Also, the people who ask you never to write about them are often the most fun to write about:

You're welcome.

Sorry, I don't keep promises, my fingers are stitched crossed.

You never call,
like I wish you would
only complain,
and come home late,
like a fool usually would.

You never surprise me,
like I hoped that you would
only make excuses,
and other plans
that never include me.

You never dress up,
only mess up
no shirt or suit,
or even clothes that fit you.

You never drink coffee,
and ask me how my day has been
only a beer,
paired with a belch,
poised as a reply.

You never read the paper,
or a book with more than three chapters
only the backs of the box
that house your video game obsession.

You’ve never met my friends,
I don’t think I’d let you.
You’ve never met my dad,
I don’t think he’d like you.

I never loved you,
like you wish that I would have,
like I told you
I could have.

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